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“...would obligate City of Brookhaven taxpayers to over $200M of bond debt...” Chadwick J. Boles, CFP® Read full quotes
“...would take our focus off of the main goals that we, as a community, have agreed we need to do first.” Tim Nama, Former ZBA Chairman & District 2 City Council Candidate Read full quotes
“...too much power in the wrong hands.” Kathy Forbes, BOD, Brookhaven Peachtree Community Alliance Read full quotes
“...more inefficient government control and cronyism at the expense of residents and taxpayers.” Catherine Bernard, Ashford Park Lawyer Read full quotes
“Is Drew Valley and Briarwood Park really a ‘deteriorating area?’” John Park, Software Engineer and Ashford Park Resident since ‘07 Read full quotes
“It is not acceptable to subsidize developers with our tax dollars...” Karen Low, District 4 Resident Read full quotes
“With Redevelopment Powers, the city won't have to have ANY regard for our opinion” Scott Hebert, Oak Forest Neighborhood Read full quotes
“I'm happy with the City of Brookhaven now and confident it will continue to improve without RDAs” Kim Gokce, HillsDale Neighborhood Read full quotes
“We don't need the Redevelopment Powers Law, especially with City leaders who are still learning the ropes....” Ronnie Mayer, Ashford Park Read full quotes
“If a City Council wants a project they should go to the citizens and ask” Jim Riticher, Dunwoody City Council Read full quotes
“Government should stick to the legitimate functions of government” Patrick Thomas, Brookhaven Resident for 20 Years Read full quotes
“...could wipe out all the neighborhoods in the Nancy Creek basin alone...” Tom Reilly, Brookhaven Resident since 1953 Read full quotes

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