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Annexation: Executive Park and Children's Hospital of Atlanta

Despite the defeat of the RPL referendum, Brookhaven city government has continued to act outside the scope of its original mandate. Elected officials promised to focus on improving services and lowering taxes, but always seem to come up with new projects that expand their control over Brookhaven residents and businesses.

City officials have spent significant resources on public relations and communications efforts, leading residents to wonder why money is being spent on spin instead of substance.

The annexation of Executive Park and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA), along with other land on the southeast side of I-85, is an example of this expansion. This land is already part of a Tax Allocation District from DeKalb County - the same financial scheme Brookhaven voters rejected in the RPL vote.

The annexation of TAD-burdened property has raised concerns that state and local officials will again seek to pass the RPL.


State Representative Mike Jacobs, the sponsor of the state law that placed the RPL on Brookhaven ballots, has publicly pledged never to introduce another RPL referendum.

Mayor J. Max Davis has also promised not to bring the referendum up again, given the clear public sentiment against it.

City Manager Marie Garrett, the highest paid city manager in Georgia despite residing outside the city, has proposed a 3% pay increase for all city employees.

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