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Why Vote No?

The Redevelopment Powers Law (RPL) would put Brookhaven's financial and physical security at risk. We don't need to spend more just to have less control over our city's future.

  1. THE RPL MEANS MORE DEBT Taxpayers harnessed to paying costs of developers' projects
  2. THE RPL MEANS HIGHER TAXES More debt means more taxes — just to cover the interest
  3. THE RPL MEANS LESS LOCAL CONTROL [OR THE END OF LOCAL CONTROL?] More power for bureaucrats and politicians, with even less community input
  4. THE RPL MEANS YOUR PROPERTY RIGHTS ARE IN JEOPARDY Any property in Brookhaven can be seized and repurposed by the government
  5. THE RPL: NOT MEANT FOR BROOKHAVEN We're a start-up city, not an economically and socially depressed area

For more information on the dangers of the RPL's TAD (tax allocation district) funding mechanism, visit

Supporting Resources

When bond interest payments are missed by the Development Authority payments are made from the General Fund. Guess what services get cut first? Parks and Police.

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